active, self-confident, determined

After the age of thirty, collagen and hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in the dermis) production begins to decrease.

The skin loses its elasticity and becomes visibly drier, resulting in the accentuation of expression lines (crows’ feet, glabellar wrinkles,

lines on the forehead) associated with the first signs of sagging skin (droopy eyelids, upper lip wrinkles, loss of jaw-line definition) and weakening of the supporting tissues (hollows under the eyes, deepened nasolabial folds).

facial masculinisation

More masculine facial features will give you a more confident and attractive look.

Depending on your existing profile, your physician will be able to help you determine which STYLAGE® product will work best for you,

taking into account your individual needs, your lifestyle and skin condition.

The filling and smoothing effect of STYLAGE® treatment is immediate with a duration of about one year (1).


masculine look


facial features


and elegant appearance


stylage classic range

WRINKLES and skin blemishes

Improving of the overall appearance of your skin and fine wrinkles caused by ageing, stress, fatigue, hectic lifestyle, bad habits and environmentals factors, e.g. UV radiation, pollution, temperature changes, etc. (STYLAGE® S, M, L).

dark circles and hollows under the eyes

Reducing the signs of fatigue to revitalize the eye area for a fresh and rested look (STYLAGE® S).


Improvement of nose deformities e.g. curved nose, droppy tip, prominent hump or post-traumatic or surgical defects to create a better alignment of the nose for a more elegant look.

stylage classic range


Correction of thin or uneven lips for a balanced, harmonious appearance (STYLAGE® Special Lips).

stylage classic range

cheekbones and cheeks

With age, you may lose fullness in your face, especially in the cheek area. Full cheeks and prominent cheekbones allow you to look younger and more appealing. The physician will use high-density volumising hyaluronic acid gels, STYLAGE® XL ou STYLAGE® XXL to give your face a more angular, chiseled and masculine appearance and to bring into harmony your facial structure.

chin and jawline

Remodelling of a weak jawline and/or retracted chin for a more masculine feel (STYLAGE® XL or STYLAGE® XXL). Sharp, well-defined jaw angles and a strong, square-shaped chin can help enhance the strength of your profile.

stylage classic range


Dull, dry skin can be revived with sessions of skin bio-revitalisation with STYLAGE® Hydro or STYLAGE® HydroMax. This treatment involves making a series of micro-injections with very fine needles to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Your skin will recover its natural radiance and vitality.


A study showed that the overall aesthetic appearance at 1 year was significantly improved in 87.5 % of patients receiving STYLAGE® XL injections for the treatment of facial lipoatrophy (loss of volume)(2).
(1). Retrospective, multicentre, open-label, uncontrolled study of STYLAGE® products with one year of follow-up – Data from Laboratoires Vivacy.
(2). This prospective, multicenter, non-comparative clinical follow-up of STYLAGE® XXL was conducted by 11 doctors during 18 months. 74 patients were treated for enhancing and restoring lost facial volume, administered in one single procedure. A touch-up treatment was allowed up to 90 days after the initial injection. Criteria for evaluation of effectiveness: loss of facial volume rated by the doctor and the patient on the Facial Volume Loss Scale (FVLS) from 1 to 5 (5 = severe loss of volume), overall aesthetic improvement measured by the Global Aesthetic Improvement scale (GAIS), physician and patient satisfaction. Patient follow-up at 1-3, 6, 12 and 18 months post-injection.
Injection is a medical procedure that requires significant experience and knowledge: Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care specialist
(a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or a specially trained physician).