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In their fifties, women enter a new phase of ageing process under the influence of natural decline of hormone levels in their bodies during and after the completion of menopause. At this stage, it is important to choose the right products and procedures to fight the effects of ageing on the skin in a safe and effective way for long-term natural results. What happens to a 50-year-old woman’s skin?

The skin becomes noticeably thinner and more fragile. It loses further elasticity and underlying fat, causing deeper wrinkles and hollow areas in the face to set in and become more apparent; skin also becomes drier. Some areas may be particularly affected, in particular the temple areas, cheeks, the lower part of the face, the neck, and the hands.

WHAT stylage® can do for you?

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Your physician will be able to help you determine which STYLAGE® product will work best for you (STYLAGE® S, M or L) according to your individual needs, the depth of wrinkles, the type and thickness of your skin. The filling and smoothing effect of STYLAGE® treatment is immediate with a duration of about one year(1).

stylage classic range


STYLAGE® Special Lips is specially designed for this delicate, sensitive region. In a single procedure, it can perfect the shape of your mouth, reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lip area, and restore youth, fullness and definition. For a more comfortable procedure, STYLAGE® Special Lips is also available with a local anesthetic, lidocaine. The result is soft, healthy and well-hydrated lips.

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Facial volume loss contributes significantly to facial ageing. High-density volumising hyaluronic acid gels, such as STYLAGE® XL and/or STYLAGE® XXL, can be used to restore the fullness of the facial tissues that has diminished over time to the areas such as the temples, the cheeks, the oval of the face and the chin. As a result of the procedure the skin will look smoother and firmer, giving your face a refreshed look and a more youthful appearance.

stylage classic range


This curative treatment involves making a series of micro-injections of STYLAGE® Hydro and/or STYLAGE® HydroMax in the face, neck, neckline, décolleté zone and hands with very fine needles to keep the skin well moisturized from deep within. Your skin will recover its natural radiance and vitality.


A study showed that 80% of patients receiving STYLAGE® XXL treatment
had an improvement in their facial volume(2).
(1). Retrospective, multicentre, open-label, uncontrolled study of STYLAGE® products with one year of follow-up – Data from Laboratoires Vivacy.
(2). This prospective, multicenter, non-comparative clinical follow-up of STYLAGE®® XXL was conducted by 11 doctors during 18 months. 74 patients were treated for enhancing and restoring lost facial volume, administered in one single procedure. A touch-up treatment was allowed up to 90 days after the initial injection. Criteria for evaluation of effectiveness: loss of facial volume rated by the doctor and the patient on the Facial Volume Loss Scale (FVLS) from 1 to 5 (5 = severe loss of volume), overall aesthetic improvement measured by the Global Aesthetic Improvement scale (GAIS), physician and patient satisfaction. Patient follow-up at 1-3, 6, 12 and 18 months post-injection.
Injection is a medical procedure that requires significant experience and knowledge: Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care specialist
(a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or a specially trained physician).